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Karin’s equivalent to one of the outfits Nadya wore in stingybee365's art!
I love it so much!! I decided to use a different color scheme for Karin!
Outfits inspired by this lovely artwork from stingybee365
Good job
Chocommission for gitzyrulz
Chocomission for libbykeppen!
Anonymous sent: Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but would you mind if someone used one of your pieces of art work as an icon on tumblr and would you mind, if they then put a flower crown on the character in your art work?(I hope that makes sense) A friend of mine did that to give me an icon and I don't know if they asked you if it was okay or not, so I thought I would just to make sure.

I’m not sure what pic you plan on using in particular but I’m sure its one of my icon sets I assume? Yeah, its fine to add a flower crown on it! As long as its not the gift art or commission pieces I drew then its a-ok then! After you’re done editing I would very much like to see it! If you plan on uploading it please be sure to give credit! Thanks for asking I appreciate it a lot!


Buzz buzz!
my children….
(this is not a gangnam style joke btw its just Eti being a meme)
sea monster
doodle with new tablet
chaos doing cute things with chao
new little chocola chao for my blog
yeah im late but here she is